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Dinesh Rawat is known as Safal Yogi because of his multifaced life. He has walked into almost all the lanes of life. Despite his initial backward life, his performance in his employment career of thirteen years was successful. He started on his own without a single rupee in the pocket. Still, He achieved remarkable success in International Trading in twenty years. During this era, he held directorship of twenty companies and memberships of leading Chambers of Commerce and Export Promotion Councils.

He decided to dedicate his life to inspire and help people to go green and live in harmony with nature. In 2006, he established the Green Mall near Kolkata and propelled Indian nurseries to climb to the next level. The introduction of over a hundred species of palms transformed the landscaping scenario in India. He authored books like “Palms for India” and “Green Your Surroundings.” He known as “Green-Guru” and “Green Miracle Man” for his valuable urban gardening and landscaping scenario contributions.

Along with his professional career, he balanced his life to serving humanity. He studied intensely the factors that make people successful. He mastered the art of Personal Achievement Technologies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Laws of Success.

He spent thirty years and discovered that India was the wealthiest and most advanced nation globally. Even with depleted land and other resources, it can be the most advanced nation in the coming years.




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Mission – To Create a Green Eco-system. Inspire and teach Home Gardening to urban dwellers.



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