Who is Safal Yogi

Dinesh Rawat is known as Safal Yogi because of his multifaced life. He has walked into almost all the lanes of life. Despite his initial backward life, his performance in his employment career of thirteen years was successful. He started on his own without a single rupee in the pocket. Still, He achieved remarkable success in International Trading in twenty years. During this era, he held directorship of twenty companies and memberships of leading Chambers of Commerce and Export Promotion Councils.

He decided to dedicate his life to inspire and help people to go green and live in harmony with nature. In 2006, he established the Green Mall near Kolkata and propelled Indian nurseries to climb to the next level. The introduction of over a hundred species of palms transformed the landscaping scenario in India. He authored books like “Palms for India” and “Green Your Surroundings.” He known as “Green-Guru” and “Green Miracle Man” for his valuable urban gardening and landscaping scenario contributions.

Along with his professional career, he balanced his life to serving humanity. He studied intensely the factors that make people successful. He mastered the art of Personal Achievement Technologies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Laws of Success.

He spent thirty years and discovered that India was the wealthiest and most advanced nation globally. Even with depleted land and other resources, it can be the most advanced nation in the coming years.

He believes that Indians can show a path and save the world from the danger of global warming and climate change. He has now dedicated himself to creating a green ecosystem that would help ordinary people live healthier and reduce carbon effects in cities and the globe.

His first job was at a small salary of Rupees Seventy-five per month when he was seventeen. He worked for thirteen years in small and big companies. He ventured and started on his own when he was thirty-two without any capital. The journey was difficult and full of challenges as he had no previous experience in the business.  Going was tuff as he had to manage a family of five, which included three infants below three years.

While working for others, he completed his graduation in Commerce and Law from the University of Calcutta.

With his dedication and hard work, he crossed over obstacles and barriers. He never compromised with values and integrity. The reward was that he earned more than he could imagine, held directorship of twenty companies in India and abroad. He had memberships of several Export Promotion Councils and Chambers of Commerce in India and abroad.

His mission of life has been to serve the nation and humanity. After twenty years of ascending in business, he decided to dedicate himself to work for the environment. He scaled down his business everywhere and established Green Mall near Kolkata to inspire city dwellers to go green and live in harmony with nature. He became popular in the country as the Green Miracle Man. He wrote books like “Palms for India” and “Green Your Surroundings.” He introduced over a hundred species of palm trees in India and even supported Indian Botanical Garden, Howrah, to enrich their palm collection. He produced two high-class albums of melodious environmental songs, a rare feat in the world. The concept of excavating large trees and replanting saved millions of trees from felling down in cities.  Coconut fiber dust was a useless bye product, he introduced their use in pot plants, and now these are used in almost all the pot plants.

His inspiration to serve humanity is a result of his spiritual wisdom. He is engrossed in the sea of spiritualism for over three decades. He has given many classes and talks on spiritualism. His simple way of explanation has changed the life of many.

He is a proud Indian and declined many overseas employment opportunities. His love for the nation made him research the real history of India. He studied over two hundred books and discovered that India had been the most advanced and wealthiest place globally.

After his professional career of fifty years and travel to over sixty countries,  he gained in-depth knowledge of trade, industry, spiritualism, horticulture, history. He handed over all business activities to children and has dedicated himself to the service of the nation. He is giving free online coaching by which anyone can make life meaningful and successful.

After the emergence of the Pandemic, he saw the relevance of online coaching. After significant in-depth research, he has built beneficial courses that would spin off a green ecosystem. Presently following online courses are available:

  1. Home Gardening – suitable for urban families and hobbyists
  2. Home Garden Maintenace – suitable for entrepreneurs and employment.
  3. Landscaping: suitable for those who want a career as a Landscaper.
  4. Nursery Start-up & Management – suitable for a thriving business.
  5. Home gardening & Environmental awareness for children.


The abovementioned courses on urban landscaping and home gardening will spin off an era of green ecosystem.